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One Moment, three stories

I have always wanted to do more than time permits and show more dimensions than I can see with my own eyes. Thanks to the great help from Berto van der Werff, Nathan Valstar, Roelie van der Voort, Lidwien Kingma, and Christel Kingma - who were willing to line up with me - the seemingly impossible turned out to be physically possible after all...

Submission Review (Series) - Magnum Awards 2016:

This is a fascinating and compelling idea. I love what it says about how we see and how it so vividly illustrates the subjectivity of photography. That is, how open things become when photographed by different people at different angles. In the end of course they are linked by the moment but also by the black and white.

The black and white from different angles for me evokes a sense of surveillance. I was struck by how much these images reflect a kind of voyeurism. Somehow the idea that not just one person is taking a picture of someone unknowing, but three people brings it to a new level. I am not talking about any kind of ethical issue here but just about the ideas that come through when I see the pictures. Interesting and I’d love to see more.
— Betsy Schneider (USA)

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The SINGULARITY is the point in the very center of a black hole, forming a massive, localized distortion of space and time that – according to science fiction stories – can create a mirror image.

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