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“I had the honor to visit the nursing home "De Waadwente" from ZuidOostZorg in Dokkum (the Netherlands) in order to give a workshop about Fine Art Photography combined with a photoshoot, as part of the Leeuwarden-Friesland Capital of Culture year/Keunstwurk, in collaboration with Alie Lucas (art coordinator for ZuidOostZorg). A group of eight ladies awaited me in their Sunday best, nervous to be photographed.

Even though many were well in their eighties, I told them about the relationship between modern art and photography, and what it takes for a photo to become a piece of art by making it go beyond what is visible. As if that wasn't enough, I asked them to look at each other for several minutes, talk about their own talents, and to draw each other without looking at the paper.

To everyone's surprise, they loved it. Incorporating a selection of their drawings, the photograpic artworks I created represent their inner thoughts and feelings that through art bubbled up to the surface.”